Velocify propels solar companies to quickly respond, efficiently manage and close a high volume of leads. Velocify LeadManager and Velocify Dial-IQ products ensure sales teams are equipped and ready to drive more wins and revenue. 




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Velocify delivers leading intelligent sales automation solutions to grow your business. By enabling small to full service solar service providers to handle high volumes of leads generated through any marketing source - online, lead providers, email campaigns, referrals, and more, Velocify allows you to develop and implement an optimal contact strategy that ensures your sales team responds and consistently engages with prospects to sell the value of your solar offering. 

  • Guide the entire sales process
  • Prioritize daily selling activities
  • Rapidly respond to prospects as they inquire about services
  • Distribute the highest priority leads to the most qualified sales agents
  • Automate email and text communications throughout sales cycle
  • Monitor sales team activity and performance

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Velocify helps sales teams keep pace with the speed of opportunity and improve conversion rates by driving rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved productivity, and actionable selling insights.

Join over 1,500 Velocify customers and start driving performance gains and improved sales performance today! 


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CRM for Solar Leads

A CRM for insurance agents, owners and brokers helps them increase insurance lead management productivity and maximize sales. Our insurance CRM software product is tailored for auto insurance, home insurance, rental insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance producers with a full set of capabilities that will increase their conversion rates. Lead capture with a full integration to over 1,400 lead providers, scoring leads, automated lead distribution to available and qualified producers, producer prioritization ensuring new and older leads tracked with X-Dates are followed up with according to an optimal contact strategy. CRM Integration with leading providers of agency management systems, call center technologies, and quoting engines provide greater efficiency gains, helping agents to quote faster to further accelerate conversion rates. Velocify focuses on the selling aspect of a CRM, providing much deeper selling functionality, for high-velocity sales environments, than what CRM offer. Intelligence comes from the performance insights, algorithms, and unique features built-in to the system that drive a “smart,” optimized, and systematic approach to selling.

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Velocify offers a variety of editions, designed for the unique needs of just about any size business.

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Velocify customers access a dedicated team of experts that provide sales team onboarding, live and on-demand web-based training, email, phone, and cloud-based portal support, and strategic consulting.

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The Velocify cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated , and data is secure.



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