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How Compensation Impacts Sales

Team Quality and Performance

Sales compensation is often a topic of debate amongst sales leaders. Salespeople would like you to think sales compensation and sales incentives make a difference in terms of their motivation and performance, but how much of a difference does it really make, if any? You will find answers to many of your sales compensation questions in our latest study, "The Sales Compensation Conundrum".

You will learn: 

  • How sales compensation may be tied to revenue growth
  • The effects of sales compensation on perceived sales organization excellence, quality of sales leadership, and morale
  • The sales culture most commonly associated with different compensation levels
  • How capping compensation may impact quota attainment

Download “The Sales Compensation Conundrum” whitepaperauthored by Steve W. Martin, noted sales expert, author, and contributor to Harvard Business Review, and Nick Hedges, President and CEO of Velocify, to learn more.