On-Demand Webinar

Every organization has high-performing and underperforming sales reps.  However, how do organizations convert more underperformers to high-performers to drive more revenue?

Based on a recent study by Steve W. Martin, noted sales expert, author, and contributor to Harvard Business Review, and Nick Hedges, President and CEO of Velocify to learn the key differences and similarities that exist between the two and what sets apart your high-performing and underperforming sales reps.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • The cultural and personal factors that can impact an inside salesperson’s likelihood to meet or exceed quota
  • The nature of the relationships between high-performing inside salespeople and their sales leaders
  • The differences between high performers and underperformers in the adoption of technology and systems
  • A surprising insight about the use of social media in sales that probably goes against anything you’ve ever heard before


Jorge Jeffery
Director of Research and Analytics