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Old School vs New School, Comparing Admissions’ Interactions with Prospects of Non-Profit and For-Profit Schools

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The Key to Increased Enrollment Rates

The best offense is a good defense. New research provides a head-to-head comparison of enrollment tactics at non-profit vs. for-profit schools and uncovers how each group’s inquiry response strategy and user experiences compare. Gain actionable insights that will allow you to beat the competition and question your assumptions about competitors’ performance.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you'll learn:

  • Best practices for responding to prospect inquiries.
  • Which schools outperform counterparts when it comes to responding to prospect inquiries?
  • Best practices for receiving inbound prospect inquires.
  • How for-profits and non-profits conduct themselves when a prospect calls into the school.
  • Which schools have admissions leaders that manage consistent response tactics across departments?

Download now to learn how Velocify and Enrollment Resources teamed up to investigate the enrollment management practices of well-known non-profit and for-profit institutions and how they measure up.