Are you Adapting to Changing Borrower Expectations? 

The internet has changed the way consumers work, play, learn and even pay their taxes. So it's not surprising to see the internet gain popularity among consumers looking to get a mortgage.

To better understand shifting borrower expectations in this new digital environment, we surveyed more than 500 mortgage borrowers. We wanted to know things like how they found their lender and the type of communication preferred throughout the mortgage process.

In this study you'll learn:

  • What type of communication borrowers want at different stages
  • The most critical stage for human engagement
  • The generation most impressed by technology
  • Why too much reliance on a Relator referral strategy may be risky
  • How the presence of a digital portal improves the borrower experience

Don't get left behind. Download this new survey to learn how to adapt to today's borrower expectations.

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