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Striking While the Iron is Hot: Identifying the Days and Times New Leads Are Most Reachable and Receptive

Download this complimentary study to understand why immediately contacting a lead or inquiry outside of normal business hours can be extremely beneficial to your organization.

  • Did you know that leads received and responded to outside the classic work week window (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) are more likely to be converted compared to the average?
  • Want to know the day of the week in which leads generated or bought perform the best?

“Staffing your sales team according to lead volume and outside the classic work week window significantly increases conversion rates.”

Since customers tend to prefer to be followed-up with immediately after they express interest, striking while the iron is hot ensures that a customer’s expressed interest is instantly gratified and a higher conversion rate is achieved. By designing a business process with a strategy that best suits the customer, your organization is actually designing a business process that is also best for your organization.

Learn about:

  • Receptiveness -The importance of fostering an environment that allows your organization to respond to leads quickly, no matter when they express interest.
  • Thinking outside the work week -Leads received and responded to outside the classic work week convert better than average.
  • Strategy -Leads bought on a specific day of the week convert 10% higher than the average. (Download to find out which day).

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