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Uncover The Secrets of Weekend Leads

Leads generated on weekends are more likely to be neglected or ignored than those generated during the workweek. The importance of a quick response time makes companies who don’t staff up on weekends more hesitant to purchase weekend leads or to put much effort into generating weekend leads. However, this study suggests those companies could be missing a golden opportunity.

Learn about the largely untapped value of weekend leads and how your company can take advantage of it, even if you choose not to staff up on weekends. The results you’ll find in this study will make you change the way you think about weekend leads and the way you manage them.

  • How are weekend leads different than weekday leads?
  • Are you doing all you should be with your weekend leads?
  • Should you be purchasing or generating more weekend leads even if your business is closed on weekends?
  • Would staffing up on weekends be a wise decision?

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