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Partner relationships are the most important asset for retail mortgage Lenders and Loan Officers. Successfully managing these relationships can mean different things for each side. Misalignment is not only bad for company culture, it creates missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Velocify has been helping mortgage companies unlock their revenue potential for over 10 years. Learn how our latest innovation, Velocify LoanEngage, destroys the barriers between retail mortgage Lenders and Loan Officers so both sides provide a world-class borrower experience.

What you'll learn:

  • How to keep the highest value opportunities constantly visible to Loan Officers
  • How Lenders can enforce consistency and compliance while helping Loan Officers be more productive
  • How the right combination of Lender and Loan Officer functionality can help your company grow

Chris Backe | Director of Business Development, Velocify
Brad Kelso | Director of Product Management, Velocify

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