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10 Plays to Accelerate Insurance Sales Growth

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It's a whole new ballgame in today's insurance market when compared to only a few years ago. The pace of business is accelerating and buyer expectations are changing. Today's buyers expect near real-time response to their inquiries, personalized choices, and advice.

With football season underway, we were inspired to call upon some of the best minds in our industry for coaching advice to help insurance professionals stay in top form. We've collected a playbook of their best strategies for winning at the sales game to inspire you and your team to top performance.

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Insurance Experts Providing Tips include:

  • Michael D'Arelli - Executive Director, American Agents Alliance
  • David Williams - Agency Owner, Allstate
  • Brandt Minnich - VP Marketing, Mercury Insurance
  • Maury Hennessy - Executive Recruiter, The Carlisle Group Recruiting
  • Stuart Ganis - Director Business Development, Velocify
  • Tommy McDonald - Vice President, MarshBerry
  • Daniel Sanchez - Marketing Mgr., Reliant General Insurance Services
  • Ryan McClintock - CEO, Kanopy Insurance
  • Adam Kerr - Training Supervisor, Plymouth Rock Assurance
  • William J. Hold - Vice President, The National Alliance of Insurance Education & Research