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Gleanster Study: Overcoming Stagnating Sales Pipeline. 

Six Signs of a Stagnating Sales Pipeline – How You Can Overcome Them and Achieve Sales Success

It’s inevitable that at some point, sales processes and sales technologies will fail to maximize revenue. Perhaps this is due to a changing economy or changes in buyer behavior. Perhaps it stems from a recent shift in the strategic direction of the business or a competitive threat. Regardless of the reason, sales processes require constant optimization and attention. But who has the time?

Discover how top performing organizations overcome and stay ahead of stagnating sales growth in a new study by Ian Michiels, Principal Analyst at Gleanster, a top sales technology research firm, entitled “Top Performing Tactics for Overcoming a Stagnating Sales Pipeline.”

Does your sales organization suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Opportunities stuck in the pipeline
  • Reps leave opportunities as ‘inactive’ to protect them
  • CRM technology not used effectively
  • Insufficient leads volume for inside sales
  • Opportunities slipping through the cracks
  • Lack of process

You will learn how you can diagnose a stagnant sales pipeline by taking a detailed look at your people, process and technology and comparing them to the tactics that top performing companies implemented to address these issues and achieve sales success.