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Evaluating Admissions Processes at For-Profit Schools

Velocify conducted a secret shopper study on the responsiveness and admissions practices among private sector higher education institutions. The study focused on four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are critical measures and indicators of a school’s inquiry response strategy: speed-to-call, speed-to-email, number of call attempts and number of email attempts. This whitepaper showcases the results of the study and provides valuable information for schools looking to optimize their enrollment potential.

  • Did you know that 52% percent of schools included in this study sent too many marketing emails?
  • What about the fact that only 24% of schools made the optimal number of call attempts?

“This report sheds new light on where schools can improve their approach to recruiting high quality students by responding more promptly and better controlling the actions of their admissions departments throughout the recruitment process.”

Velocify’s study demonstrates the importance of a sound enrollment process that is designed to successfully attract and recruit a higher volume of qualified students. By benchmarking four proven KPIs, schools can have a better understanding of the effectiveness of their own process and identify and isolate the areas that need improvement.

Learn about:

  • Speed -Following-up immediately with a consumer inquiry is vital to a successful consumer response strategy
  • Persistence -Knowing when to continue attempting contact and when to stop will allow your organization to squeeze every last drop of value from each inquiry
  • The 4 (KPIs) of a Successful Consumer Response Strategy -Learn how to evaluate your consumer response strategy by benchmarking four key indicators

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