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10 Tips to Thrive in Times of Uncertain Enrollment

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It's no secret that the majority of higher education institutions continue to be challenged by a declining pool of potential students often leading to a decline in enrollment. Achieving desired outcomes has become even more difficult, requiring education leaders to go above and beyond to drive their schools success.

To help school leaders and administrators thrive in these challenging times, Velocify has tapped higher education experts who have successfully led transformative changes with their organizations. Our experts weight in on the critical areas of admissions, marketing, compliance, values, long-term goals and strategic partnerships.

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Education Experts Providing Tips include:

  • Christine Shelly - EVP, Grantham Education Corporation
  • Dr. James Hutton - Managing Director of KUCCEL
  • Michael K. Clifford - Founder, Significant Systems
  • Piper Jameson - CMO, Lincoln Educational Services
  • Dr. John Hall - CEO, Greenwood & Hall
  • Gregg Meiklejohn - Co-Founder, Enrollment Resources Inc.
  • Martin Lind - Education Vertical Director, Velocify
  • John Donges - President, GlobalHealth Education
  • Todd Zipper - COO, The Learning House, Inc.
  • William O. Hillard - CEO, BrightStar Education Group