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Velocify LeadManager:
Duplicate Management

New Velocify research has uncovered that duplicate leads should demand more favor, converting at a 167% higher than average rate.

Velocify LeadManager is a leading intelligent sales automation solution that includes powerful duplicate management capabilities designed to alert you when duplicate leads enter the system.  With so many leads being generated by diverse marketing campaigns it’s no wonder 1/3 of leads never get a response from a sales rep. 

With this powerful feature, you can automatically or manually merge the lead, a system generated status change is made based on an assessment of the lead’s sales cycle stage, and then distribute the lead to the appropriate representative. The powerful workflow-driven process can be automatically set to send the lead to a rep’s daily prioritized list, ensuring that the lead receives prompt follow-up.

Discover how Velocify can help fuel your sales efforts with a streamlined approach to managing duplicates.  Please complete the form to the right to download this datasheet.