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Aberdeen Study: How Best-in-Class Sales Teams Convert More Leads

In its infancy, customer relationship management (CRM) technology was designed as a uni-directional system of record, populated with information on a prospect or customer that was populated by sales or customer service reps. What if a modern CRM deployment could virtually think for itself, informing sales when a prospect took actions that revealed them as a hot lead?

Discover how best-in-class organizations are enhancing their CRM with a more powerful foundation for customer acquisition and engagement in a new study by Aberdeen Group, entitled Optimizing the Marketing and Sales Process: How the Best-in-Class Take Faster, Better Action to Convert More Leads.

In this report you will discover:

  • What is the “hidden sales cycle” within the customer lifecycle?
  • What is “sales intelligence” and how can technology platforms help filter this data?
  • Can a Tweet Result in a Sale?
  • How important is quality account data in contact to contract stage of the sales cycle?
  • How to use the power of context when contacting prospects who attended a webinar or downloaded a whitepaper?

You will learn how best-in-class companies are more efficient at uncovering value within the hidden sales cycle and then following up quickly to nurture and close more deals more often.

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