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CSO Insights: 2014 Key Trends Analysis

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Companies can no longer rely on their product or service to be their sustainable competitive advantage in today's fast-paced marketplace. As product life cycles accelerate, a feature you have today, a competitor may well have tomorrow. Today, to achieve revenue success, how you sell is more critical than ever before.

This new study, conducted by CSO Insights and underwritten by Velocify, surveyed more than 1,200 firms worldwide regarding how well their sales organizations did in 2013 in revenue plan attainment and what they see as the path to achieving their 2014 revenue plans.

What you will learn in this study:

  • What percentage of reps met or exceeded quota in 2013 and how this impacts 2014 plans
  • How sales organizations are planning on achieving their 2014 revenue targets
  • What the Sales Relationship/Process Matrix is and how you rank can be an indicator of your company's business health

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CSO Insights Key Trends Analaysis